Peace & Justice Print


”Regimes of racial segregation were not disestablished because of the work of leaders and presidents and legislators, but rather because of the fact that ordinary people adopted a critical stance in the way in which they perceived their relationship to reality.”
- Angela Davis

Product Details
“Peace & Justice” is an 11” x 14” four color risograph print on French Paper Co. “Speckletone” 80 lb cover “True White” cardstock. Each print is part of a 50 print limited run in collaboration with bearbear and comes hand-numbered. 100% of the profits from all orders will go to the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts (BTFA Collective) Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund.

How will I receive my print?
We’ll ship it to you! Shipping is $5.00, and you’ll receive an email once it’s shipped. BUT if you’re from Milwaukee, we can arrange a pick up and we’ll waive your shipping fee. Just enter the discount code PICKUP and you’ll receive an email with more details.

Please note: we encourage you to arrange a pickup if you can! However, if you use the discount code, it will be assumed that you will arrange a pick up. If you use the discount code accidentally, just let us know and we’ll correct the order! If you fail to respond or arrange a pick up after multiple attempts to contact you, we will consider your payment a donation.

What’s a risograph?
Risograph printing is a Japanese invention. A risograph printer uses eco-friendly soy-based ink to print one color layer at a time through a fine meshed screen. Think of it as a cross between photocopying and screen printing! The colors can also be layered atop each other at different opacities to create different colors. Risography’s time and cost efficiency has made it a popular method for producing zines, comics, and in book arts. This piece was printed by bearbear, a small local printing press based in Milwaukee, WI.

Where’s the money going?
100% of the profits from this print will go to Black Trans Femmes in the Arts. BTFA Collective is a New York-based nonprofit that seeks to connect and create community for black trans women and non-binary femmes in the arts. You can find out more about them and the work they do at their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. BTFA Collective is currently raising funds to help black trans protestors pay for medical care, bail, and other resources with their Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund. You can find out more about the fund and donate directly here.

What are other ways I can help?
BTFA Collective is also raising funds for various other causes, which you can check out here. Other organizations local to Milwaukee that you can check out and donate to include the ACLU Wisconsin, Leaders Igniting Transformation, and the African-American Civic Engagement Roundtable. You can also support black-owned businesses; you can find a list of black-owned businesses in Milwaukee here. There are also many ways to help that aren’t financial: you can sign and pass along petitions, you can email and call local government officials to advocate for change, and you can make sure that you and your loved ones are registered to vote. Even something as small as following more voices of color on social media or having an open dialogue about race with your friends and family members can help make a change.

Though your feeds may be returning to normal, America’s long history of systemic racism and police brutality won’t just go away. We must make an ongoing effort to fight for justice and equality.

Anything else?
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at kelseyrobinsondesign@yahoo.com. If the product comes to you damaged (torn, creased, etc.), let us know and we’ll send you a new one! Please note that any variation in ink color and consistency caused by the printing process is not considered a defect; such variation is considered a unique feature of the product and therefore we will not be accepting refunds on this basis. Additionally, once the product has been shipped, we will be unable to refund your purchase.